It’s our goal to promote healthy lifestyles, to raise levels of health-related physical aptness, to promote cultural enrichment of the pupils, through the established routes and learning skills by exploring the world that surrounds the pupils. Furthermore we want to promote the interconnection of learning in the external environment as well as the consolidation of contents in the external environment through the development of formal / non-formal activities. What we want to transfer to our pupils is to interact with tolerance, empathy and responsibility and argue, to negotiate and accept different points of view, developing new ways of being, looking at and participating in society; to work as a team and to use different tools to communicate with other persons, teachers, parents or within a network.

We want to promote the development of activities like sowing pumpkins and obviously to take care of their growth . We work in order to involve also the pupils in doing researches on everything that concerns the pumpkins and then in sharing the results in the classroom with the others. With the help of their teachers, pupils will follow-up weekly  the plant growth and then will fill in reports with the data they collected. As soon as  the planned activities of the first phase of the project are completed, we will move on to the second one – The cooking classes – making pumpkin jam and pumpkin pies, as well as pumpkin decorations for the Halloween’s party.

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