About us

Istituto Comprensivo di Bertinoro is a comprehensive school, composed of three Kindegartens, three primary schools and two secondary schools. There are about 1000 pupils/students and 106 teachers. The school is situated in the municipality of Bertinoro which has an economy mainly agricultural/rural with large extensions of vineyards.Two years ago, the school decided to activate a Montessori activity workshop for 5 years old children. This method aims to foster the development of autonomy and indipendence of the child in the care of environment and of their person, promoting thus self-esteem and awareness of their abilities. The planned activities are: Practical life; Development of the mathematical mind and language; Cosmic education; Sensory development.  

Istituto Comprensivo ”P. Amaducci” di Bertinoro,
Via Colombarone 325
47032, Bertinoro

Email: foic804009@istruzione.it
Website: www.icamaduccibertinoro.it

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