Nowadays, the distance between city and country as well as between consumers nad producers is a recurring dilemma. Many schools find it difficult to get time and financial resources to visit a farm during the school year. Similarly, farmers find it difficult to get time and opportunity to receive visitors at the farm.

Farmer Time is a complement to the physical visits on the farm and to the other sources of information about agricolture that are available today.

The idea is so simple and brilliant at the same time! By using a mobile phone or other digital techonologies, schoolchildren and farmers can meet by distance via Skype or Facetime or Whatsapp. Farmer Time is a new and easy way to create long-term contacts between  schools and professionals in agriculture. Above all,  Farmer Time is a way to increase children´s and young people´s knowledge about the origin of the food and how it is produced.

This new project and its website have been realized with the support of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farmers). On the website, all the interested farmers and schools can register themselves and find the right partner to start a Farmer Time session together with. The aim is to inspire more meetings between farmers and schools and to facilitate the concept of using the farm as an educational resource.

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