The goal of this activity is that to learn more aboout the farm animals and the real environment where they live. Furthermore we want to reinforce certain types of values such as being patient and caring for someone else.

Before visiting the farm, the teachers will read in the classroom some stories about the farm animals, in a way that the pupils will have the possibility to get a first idea about what a farm is, who lives on a farm and how many animals there are. The second step consists in the visit to the farm and the stables where the pupils will be involved in different activities and workshops: to feed the animals, to observe them and the farm´s feautures.  On the other side, the farmer will lead the activities during the whole day. After the visit and once back in the classroom, the pupils will give their feedback to the teachers by drawing or telling something about the experience on the farm. Some pictures relating to the visit on the farm will be instead exhibited on the billboard at the entrance of the school so that a large public, parents included, will be informed about the activity

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