In their daily routine children can learn more about farms, even at school. For example starting from an egg! Teachers and children can bring some eggs (or just some egg shells) to the classroom. A lot of lessons can be realized just starting to talk about an egg (sciences, geometry, math..) with the optional use of Facetime a Famer in case the teacher wants to organize some live lessons in collaboration with a farmer. Before to start any lesson, the students will be divided in groups. During the lesson, they need to write down some key informations in order to be able to answer to the questions at the end of each lesson. For each right answer, the groups will gain an amount of points that will be added to those that will be collected during the final egg hunt. Once per year in fact, the farmers and the teachers will organize a big final egg hunt on the farm, that families can also participate in . They will hide some eggs all around the farm. Each egg will contain a question. The different teams will first find the eggs and then answer correclty to the questions. Children will gain a better learning method by doing something interactive and the final hunt will be a stimolous for learning.

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